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New HTML and CSS Courses….

Its been a while since the last update, but I bear good news. New HTML & CSS courses have been added to the courses page. Yes, you guessed it! Alongside Python, we will also be looking at the Web and how to make our own websites. For More Info on the courses: Click Here Don’t…
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Project 1: Fact File Solution

In this Post, I will be posting the solution to the Fact File project. If you haven’t done it yet, click here to have a go. Here is the code for the fact-file: Simply, we have created 3 variables. One for the name, age and favourite colour. Make sure that your variables are short, start…
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Latest Update: 10 Feb 2018: How To Subscribe to FuseDojo.Space

FuseDojo Code Notifications: Here, at FuseDojo.space it is important to keep yourself updated with Lessons in the Python course, and any other major updates that may arise. Hence, you can subscribe to receive notifications from FuseDojo.space. It is guaranteed that you will not be spammed, so go on! Subscribe!   How to Subscribe (First Time…
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Project 1: Fact File

In this project, you are going to build a fact file about a person called Johnny Appleseed. You are going to use strings and integers to do this. Difficulty: ΩΩΩΩ Aim: You are going to build a program which uses variables to store Johnny’s name, age (20) , and favourite colour which is Red. Your output…
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Python Course Update: Issue 1 Feb 2018

Welcome to the FuseDojo Code Posts updates. Here, you are able to find coding challenges on Python. This page consists of weekly challenges in which you are able to attempt and the answers/solutions will be released shortly afterwards. The first project will be released soon for you to have a go at. Please be aware,…
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