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What is Python?

Great question! Long story short, Python is an open source,  high-level programming language which means that the syntax is easy to understand and is not abstract. There are endless possibilities with python and it is used alongside electronics a lot. It is not a very hard language to learn, as long as you stick to it, you will find it quite enjoyable. It is a good starting point for those who want to move onto more advanced languages such as C and C++.


In the course that I offer, you will be able to gain a decent grasp over python and how to use it to code in more wider contexts. It is not an impossible language to learn, but it does allow you to understand the world of code and serves as a good introduction to coding and programming.

I do try to add lessons to the Python Course as often as possible, but it can be a while between uploads due to the workload that I have, so please be patient. In order to get started, create an account.

With your dynamic account, you are able to track your progress throughout the courses with a colourful interface and interactive sliders.


There is more information on the course curriculum page….

How to download Python….


Now that we know a little more about python, let’s go ahead and download it. By the way it is free. There are 2 ways to do this.

You can download the python Idle from the python website. In my opinion, the default python idle is not very user friendly, therefore I use Pycharm. This is a third party app which is approved by python and provides a much better user interface

1. Download here (python official website)

2. Download here (External-3rd Party approved by Python)



Once you have finished, proceed to Lesson 1, in which we will embark on our Journey into the world of Python.






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