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HTML 5 is a programming language that was released in 2013, although HTML was initially released in 1990, HTML 5 is the current version that is used across the web and includes many changes which makes the language more versatile and user friendly. The structure and syntax of HTML is different to most programming languages. It uses a series of tags such as <html>.  We will get into the syntax once you have enrolled in the course here.

We use HTML in order to construct websites or anything web related. Most of the website builders on the market now, such as WordPress, Wix and Weebly use a drag-and-drop system which makes it very easy to create a website as there is no programming required.

The developers associated with these companies have already done the thinking and the programming. It would be impractical to create a good looking website from scratch. So what are the uses of HTML? Well, we can use them to create custom contact forms and buttons without paying heaps of money!


You can make nice, dynamic signup and login forms, photo galleries etc like these, although they are basic, we will look at more and more difficult examples:










How do I write HTML code?

In order to actually write HTML code, like python you need a compiler and a text editor. Despite the fact that you can use your computer’s normal text editor, I would recommend downloading Atom. It is a good text editor with syntax highlighting and a good UI, making it easier to debug your code.


Download here: https://atom.io/

That’s it for now. Now that you know a bit of background info about HTML, head over to the courses page, and begin HTML coding!


Happy Coding!

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